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At SRP, our team comprises of skilled professionals specialising in coordinating and planning events. Our expertise caters to a diverse range of markets that includes corporate, associations, and the private sector. We celebrate your creative vision and bring it to life with our dedicated team, providing professional assistance and outstanding service.




“We partner with the best venues to provide a tailored event planning experience.”


SRP ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: At SRP, we take pride in offering personalized service and support. During the initial stages of planning, we make it a priority to listen to your unique situation, goals, strategy, and vision. By understanding the purpose of your event and its dynamics, we can provide you with expert advice to make the event planning process easier.

SRP PLANNING: Our team plans strategically, taking into account all agreements made, and develops a comprehensive plan to achieve successful outcomes. We partner with only the best and most suitable venues to provide you with the right services, including but not limited to entertainment, decor, lighting, audio-visual, and venue selection, while working within your budget. We consider all necessary requirements, such as floor plans, business schedules, and food and beverage dietary requirements.

SRP CREATION: Our team of experts has a diverse range of skills, allowing us to create a wide variety of events with professionalism and precision. During the final stages of planning, we finalize all the details, including venue agreements, seating plans, technical equipment required, and any other necessary resources. We work cohesively to ensure that the event exceeds your expectations while taking into consideration food and beverage dietary requirements, guest count, schedules, and finances.



We are committed to sourcing the most suitable and exceptional venues for our clients from our partner network. Our team works in conjunction with your budget to ensure you receive appropriate services such as entertainment, decor, lighting, audio-visual equipment, venue selection, and more. We strive to accommodate your preferred function area, but in the rare event that it is unavailable or unsuitable, SRP reserves the right to relocate the event to an alternate date.

Please note that some food items may be subject to seasonal availability, and the wines offered may be subject to change. In such instances, SRP reserves the right to substitute menu items of equal quality. We prioritize responsible service of alcohol and ensure that all patrons are served professionally and responsibly, in compliance with current liquor licensing laws.


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In December 2022, our filly arrived at Bella Jane Lodge for pre-training after making a recovery from her injuries. According to reports, she is doing exceptionally well and showing significant improvement in her flat work and grass gallops. Additionally, she is undergoing a treadmill program, which comprises 2 minutes of trotting at an incline of four and 5 minutes of cantering at an incline of four.

Currently, our filly is settling into life at Warwick Farm, New South Wales, and is back on the track in sound condition. We wish her all the best for the upcoming weekend of racing. Please click on the following link for further updates on her progress: Click here to view the video.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of SIERRA RANGE PROVINCE, just in time for the Melbourne Autumn Racing Carnival 2023.

Our latest brand identity, “SRP Events Management – Thoroughbred Racing Edition,” proudly presented by Caravier Asia Oceania Management, is sure to captivate audiences with its suspenseful and exciting offerings.

We extend our sincere appreciation to David Mourad, Racing Manager at BLUEBLOODS THOROUGHBREDS, a premier Australian thoroughbred racehorse syndicate company. Be sure to check out the link below for a wide assortment of affordable racehorse syndication shares to suit all budgets. Visit the website.

SIERRA RANGE PROVINCE Events Management would like to express our gratitude towards BLUEBLOODS THOROUGHBREDS, a prominent Australian thoroughbred racehorse syndicate company, for their Brand Affiliation. Kindly refer to the following link for more details.

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